Sunday, December 18, 2011

Recovery: Mental and Physical.

Earlier this year, my right lung collapsed 4 times. Yes, it sucked. It started back in June and kept on collapsing for the next two mounts. I underwent a barrage of procedures. They told me, "It's fortunate you're in such good shape. If you weren't, we'd be brinin' you here in an ambulance." So, after the first chest tube procedure, and massive surgery, and another chest tube, my lung collapsed for the third time; but this time it was 100% deflated. They doctor said, "If you would have waited one more day, you probably would have gone into cardiac arrest at your house." So began the insertion of another chest tube, and the beginning of what became my last surgery--they cut out two pieces of my right lung, stapled them shut, and hoped for the best.

Well, I can assure you all, like the six million dollar man, I have not only recovered, I have returned stronger and more determined then ever. I spent most of the time in the hospital working on my manuscript. When your stuck in the hospital for over a month, or on bed-rest, it provides someone great spans of time to fill with either TV or anything else--my choice was editing my work.

That time allowed me to be where I'm at today. Finished with the novel and seeking representation by an Agent or Publisher. But in the process of searching, I realized I needed to get back to my roots. I needed to get back to the place that inspired me to write in the first place--nature.

So I have begun the process of exercising my lungs, my body and my mind. Over the last few weeks, I have hiked nearly 100 miles through the Mountains of North Carolina. I'd like to think I', kicking ass. Considering it was just six months ago that I was hospitalized, I'm pretty stoked about my recovery. Just earlier this week, I hammered out nine miles in two hours and twenty minutes. Not to bad for a guy who's recovering.

While I'm in the process of seeking representation for my work, I plan on advancing my plans of physical and mental discipline. Before the year is out, I plan to hike to the top of Cold Mountain. That will be, roughly, a sixteen mile trek round trip. I plan to go solo on this one. It will also qualify as the longest hike I have ever done solo, or the longest hike achieved in a single day. To all of you out there, wish me luck. I am back and better then ever.

Searching for an Agent: Parallel Earth

So it is now that time--the time when I must begin the search for a Literary Agent. For all of you out there, know that the search has begun. If any of you out there know any Literary Agents, I look froward to pitching them my project. I am ready. It is ready.

I have created a world unlike any other. I have created my epic--the first part to what I hope becomes a seven novel series. If any agents stumble across this blog, feel free to contact me. I am ready on so many levels.

My Query Letter:

Dear Agents of the World,

I have completed my epic Dark Spiritual Fantasy, PARALLEL EARTH: "ADVENT OF EVIL," at 138,000 words. It is, "A New Mythology for a New Millennia." As we watch the world being torn apart each and every day, and we witness the cumulative soul of humanity being purged by the privileged few, Know that I have written the mythology which tells how it all began. 

Raised in the ancient tradition of the Buhman–a peaceful nature-loving people–Drakamear commits the ultimate sin and is cursed by the Earthly Gods to endure a torturous death within a horrid nightmare. Resurrected through the womb of his past lover to uncover the dark forces stirring his soul, Drakamear chooses revenge over revelation. Empowered by mystic forces, secluded, he creates the ultimate weapon—a Holy Doctrine.

Emerging from isolation as a self-proclaimed Messiah, Drakamear promises to deliver the Buhman from the harsh realities of a nature-based existence. Through his new religion, he uses his sardonic message of Love and Compassion to contort the spiritual perspective of the Buhman, and convinces many to abandon their mystic heritage. Deceived, families are ripped apart and the world hurtles into religious descent. As tensions mount, Drakamear leads his twelve disciples and their Sects in all out war against the remaining Buhman to arise as the Daemon Messiah.
Born a Minister’s son in a Christian Fundamentalist household, haunted by nightmares most of my youth, I needed resolution regarding my conflicted spiritual dilemmas. After years of creating Fantastic Realist paintings, I dove into my nightmares and art, studied world mythology, and emerged with, “PARALLEL EARTH: ADVENT OF EVIL,” the first installment of a 2300 year, seven novel series.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Scott Clark

92 Creekside Drive
Brevard, N.C. 28712

(828) 884-6574 (828) 553-8297

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Opeth: Heritage

So I've been a fan of Opeth for a good long while, ever since their "Ghost Reveries," album. I have anticipated every Opeth album since with great anticipation, so to say I was expecting great things from Heritage is an understatement. To say the least, I wasn't disappointed. Yes, those fans of Growl Vocals will be let down. There are no such vocals on this album. But for me, maybe since I'm getting a little older, and that I come form the older days of metal, before the full-throttle onset of death metal vocal overload, I was a great fan of Iron Maiden, Ronnie James Dio, and others.

I grew up around Tampa Florida, which at the time was the Death Metal capital of the world. I was there when this style of vocals emerged. I grew to like it, but as time has passed, I think it's become a detriment to the musicality of some such band (to me) is Isis. I purchased their, "Wavering Radiant," cd and loved the music, but any time that dude harps on with his death vocals, it destroys the beauty of what's lying beneath the layer of harsh vocals.

Ok, enough said there, now back to Opeth. One of my most favorite albums of their is, "Damnation," which as most of us know is nearly all acoustic and possesses such mood that it nearly claims your soul. The same can be said for, "Heritage."

To me, "Heritage," is nothing short of a masterpiece that not only appeals to those fans of metal, but it can appeal across the board to multiple genre's of music for it's shear brilliance of musicallity. The silence in between the notes is almost as potent as the notes being played. So I'm not going to go down a track listing, all I can say is this album breath's life into the listener from the opening brevity of the solo piano piece to the end, with the slow melodic guitar as it fades out. It has it's slightly heavier moments, but nothing really metal'ish. To me, it's more like Jethro Tull or Deep Purple with it's classic sound.

Seeing how they recorded this album almost raw, without a ton of processors, the sound is really rooted to the true Heritage of what great, magical music once sounded like--Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Zappa. The musicality in this new offering is equally dynamic, with almost jazzy drums in certain spaces, combined with a haunting flute, in combination with the primal percussion. I can't help but recommend this album to anyone who loves great music--not metal, but great, true, honest music, that stirs your soul.

Also, I was fortunate enough to be able to see them on this tour, at Amos Southend, in Charlotte N.C. It was a great evening. They refrained from any Growl Vocals and really concentrated on playing their more chill, ambient, and acoustic material from past to present. Yes, there were a few moments when they rocked out hard, but for the most part, it was a very chill evening. And very worth while. Katatonia was a great opener; I have since purchased two of their CD's, and am very glad I did.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Parallel Earth: Advent of Evil


So you might be wondering where the hell I've been. Well, aside from the near death experience, I had my lung collapsed four time this past summer, I have been diligently working away on multiple edits of the Novel as well as working on the Graphic Novel.

It has taken a good long while to get this Manuscript to a presentable format, but after a long go of it, I'm finally ready to begin work on preparing to find and Literary Agent. My buddy, Rob E. Brown and I have started some basic work on the design concepts for the Graphic Novel as well as deciding which direction to take the imagery for this world. There are a lot of things to consider, so stay posted.

If you want to stay abreast of what's going on a little more please check out my Parallel Earth Facebook Page or follow me on Parallel Earth at Twitter.

Vexus - Dark Lord
"Resurrected an outcast of his ancient society, Drakamear rises up to exact revenge against his friends and family. A self-proclaimed Messiah, his following begins to swell. As religious ideologies clash, he’s forced to come face to face with the cryptic daemons of his past life while the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance."

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Parallel Earth: Log Line

So I read the Log Line on the back of a recent movie and all of the sudden mine came to me. So I hope you like it. Just so you all know, I am steadily working away on editing. That's why the blog posts have slowed down a little.

"Resurrected an outcast of his ancient society, Drakamear rises up against friends and family, professing to be a self-proclaimed Messiah. As his following begins to swell and religious ideologies clash, he is forced to come face to face with cryptic daemons of his past life while the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance."

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Parallel Earth: Momentous Occasions on Earth

The Long Dark Road of Solitude
Here I sit. A lull in my sense of accomplishment. I know that the road is much longer. I have walked a great long while down this way with few onlookers. And now I stand upon a crossroad that marks a new horizon in this long process.

I completed rewriting the novel. It took nearly a year. Come August I should be finished with the editing, which will mark the third passage through tis strange land of Parallel Earth.  One thing remains sure, the story is unrelenting and epic on all accounts. I truly believe that this story, this alternate world, will defy what anyone could have ever expected from a novel in these current times.

I don't know when your reading this post or what has led you to this little niche of cyberspace, but if you are reading this, look around you. Stop what ever you are doing? Look at yourself and ask, "What is my purpose?"

Are you happy? Alone? Sad? Are you in a crowd of strangers or among friends, or even a crowd of strangers who profess to be your friends? As you analyze your situation, your condition, are you not driven to know what the lesson is in this given moment? What is your purpose?

Next Phase of Editing
Now, I am typing this entry in hopes that it will reach you, in hopes that it will make you ask a question which may challenge your sense of accomplishment or lack-there-of. I am not yet accomplished enough. The strange thing that I have come to experience is that accomplishment can never be full, for the vision of the artist and writer becomes ever-reaching, for every new step we ascend, so another come into view and still trails off into darkened oblivion of unknowing.

So this lull goes on. And now I move ahead into the next few months of editing.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Parallel Earth: Spring Gardening

How does my garden grow? Well for now, it's looking pretty good. It's not as large as I would like, but that's ok. Aside from working out around the property, my constant effort of trying to make it a magical place, I have managed to amend my soil and get all of the seeds in the ground that I can for my allotted space.

Spring is perhaps the most magical time of year for me. It's like watching a newborn take its first breath. It's the time of year when I get to see the fruits of my labor from the previous years efforts. When the bulbs come up and the tulips blossom alongside daffodils, I know that the hostas aren't far behind.

I currently working on trying to clear out all of the invasive exotic plants from one area and re-establish native species in it's place. This is not a very easy task. It requires constant diligence on my behalf to make sure I am keeping up on the weeding (I don't use chemicals, I use my two hands and a shovel).

This spring has been a busy time for me. I've built a rock wall around the Garden area. I've created a trail that goes along the back of the property and along the creek. But the most amazing thing to me is when I get to see others enjoy the fruits of my labor. Most people don't understand how amazing a landscape can bee, and how it can free the soul, provide a place of sanctuary, and a safe habitat for wild life. These are all things I strive to create when influencing the landscape. I try to provide a open, beautiful, and welcoming sanctuary not for just people, but for wild life.