Friday, January 21, 2011

Heavy Metal Music: It's Mythic Message

Heavy metal music, some love, others hate it. But let's think about it, it is their HATE which fuels the fire of those awe-inspiring Guitar and Drum Masterworks that can hardly be touched in speed, intricacy, and innovation that few other music forms can accomplish; extreme jazz and good symphonic music are exempt from this list.

Artist: Slayer -- Disciple (God Hate Us All)  

Let us ask ourselves the question, "What message does this vile music provide this world gone mad! It is hateful, aggressive, and mocks the many religious and government institutions of the world." Or does it? Could it not be the brutal truth we experience through this dark satyrical take on the world?

To me, the music is beautiful for the sheer intensity of anger and frustration that it conveys. It is honest, and reflects the non-politically-correct, brutal honesty about the world we can experience no where else. Heavy metal, with its many sub-genres, stands a beacon for the cumulative discontentment of humanity as we exist within the malign world our governmental and religious institutions force upon us. There is magic in their ruthless discourse. Their lyrics shout forth a accurate reflection of the world today, as well as where it is going. This is the heart of it's purpose; to tell us what we dare not face ourselves.

Artist: Meshuggah -- Bleed

The ultimate Mythic message hidden with the many CD covers (Yes, I still like my cds, not downloads.) is that we are truly lost. Just as the ancient myths of the world spoke of the trials each culture faced thorough history, so this too is what heavy metal music tells us today. Just as the ancient cultures of the world changed their myths to better understand their changing environment and ritualize it into their culture, so too does metal music today.

With all of this beings said, you might wonder how this has influenced my novel. Well, you might ask yourself, how hasn't it? I experience vivid imagery through so many lyrics. They inspire me and inform me of the world around me through another individuals personal and spiritual interpretation of the energies of the world as the exist today. Listen to, "Iron Man by Black Sabbath" and interpret the meaning behind the lyrics. Listen to the subtle melodies of Opeth on their Damnation album, and you will be witnessing the beautiful grace that takes place between the spirit world and our reality, it is that magical. And lastly, sit back and admire the raw power of any Pantera album from front to back; it is a genuine treat which I still engage in regularly to this day.

Artist: Megadeth -- Peace Sells but who's buying


I urge you watch the videos posted here and leave your comments. They are each strong examples about the message.  I would love to here what you have to say.


Scott Clark


  1. I like to talk about metal and its asociation and there is to all small extent to Satanism . Most bands are not Satanic and might not have a clue , yes there are a few that practice the black arts . Many get bashed by Christians especially the right wing and the extreme fundelmentalists . Many Christians and possibly bands too don,t have a real idea about what is really going on . I do not like Satanism , Chaos magic and the like . There are all kinds of people that do practice these arts but its the kids that listen to metal that I believe are the escape goat . The people in power always says and acts ; look over there what they are doing , they are evil , they are the terrorists ect . You are not supose to look at the so called religious right or anybody Christian . Christians themselves , most of them seem to be stuck in their religion , When the Catholic church was accused of hiding child abuse/sex abuse , and not doing the right thing , otherwise known as the true Christian thing and had the authorities arrest these perverts . Many Catholics in spite of this still are devout Catholics and folowers of the Vatican . I have studied the occult , I am a pagan . But did you know Christianity was considerd a cult when it was started ? Christianity is paganism even though they say they are not . It would take too long to write everything I have to say , but every common religion , Wicca , Judaism , Islam , Judeo-Christianity , O.T.O.Freemasonry , Golden Dawn and many more . They all stemm from Ancient Sumaria . Its a fact ! I take metal music as entertaiment . It is an outlet . After three songs I am relaxed . Small time and self styled Satanists don,t have a clue to the real world of Satanism . What is Freemasonry ? Here,s a quote from Aleister Crowley,s book 777 and other qabalistic writings . Oz , the goat of the sabath of the adepts . The Baphomet of the Templers {now the Masons } the idol set up to defy and overthrow the false God -though it is understood that he himself is false , not an end but a means . All those young headbangers have no clue who is running Big Brother . A Satanist can make you believe he is against Metal and call himself a Christian . The biggest game they play is hegeliesm . Both side pretending to hate eachother all the while playing against the middle . For any Satanist just because you worship the same God does not mean your an exception to the real, real ones that want you exterminated . Learn secret societies and the New World Order . Why does a Christian break the second commandment , become a soldier and kills . Its the word of man not God is it . Metal kids are an escape goat for the real ones that made this world in its mess that we now have .

  2. Thanks for the long and thoughtful comment. This is the very kind of dialogue I hope to create here. I applaud you for the knowledge you share and your appreciation of what I have to say. As for Christianity, it's an interesting beast. I love the saying, "Please Jesus, save me from your followers."

    There is a unique attribute to the spiritual plight of humanity. The prophet brings gold from the sacred place and offers it to his followers. Yet, as soon as they take this cherished offering into their possession, the gold quickly falls away to ash, and the splendor is lost. Thus, the mind of the follower is incapable of comprehending the gift that had been given and so they continue to suffer.

    I think the unique thing about Christianity, is that almost (perhaps every) tradition they celebrate is rooted in Pagan tradition. As you've stated, it began as a cult, born out of Judaism, and transformed into Christianly through the gospels of the Disciples. All Judaism did was unite the preexisting orders of polytheism beneath their newly formed concept of a monotheist God. Anyways, to make a long story short, Constantine allowed the Christians of Rome to live free; but in order to avoid further persecution, he decreed that the original day of the Sabbath be changed to Sunday (OR the Day of the Sun), this marked on of the earliest onsets of the Pagan traditions into the ever-evolving christian culture. Most people don't know that the earliest churches were tended by women in Pagan Halls. How cool is that?

    Thanks for the comment. Tell all your friends. Spread the word.

    Scott Clark