Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home Town Brevard

I live in one of the coolest small towns in the good old USA. Brevard, in Transylvania (No Fangs Required) county, is almost like living in a Norman Rockwell painting. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the area is also referred to as the Land of Waterfalls; there are over four hundred waterfalls in the area, as well as thousands of miles of hiking and biking trails that wind their way through the mountain woods of Pisgah National Forest.

Kate standing in the woods atop Mount Mitchell, NC.

Not to far around the bend is Dupont State forest, well known for its many waterfalls, equestrian, and mountain bike trails. Then, less that an hour drive, I we can be in the Smoky Mountains National Park or Nantahala National Forrest.

Kate and Izzie, My Daughters, catching butterflies in the Creek Bank

Here in Brevard, time seems to have stood still for the most part. They close of the streets in down town four times a year for large festivals. And to boot, we have white squirrels here. Yes, they really do exist. And we have a White Squirrel Festival to prove it.

Brevard, White Squirrel

My appreciation for the beauty of thus landscape is what led me to begin work on my novels almost thirteen years ago. I was always aghast with the idea of emerging from the woods to face society again. My desire to understand how the world had come to its present state is what led me to embark on the epic journey of understanding how we, humanity, have come to this bold and conflicted existence that exploits nature. So yes, you might say there are some environmental issues that are raised in my Novel, but not so much as this influence is directly obvious. The story must serve the thoughts that service the ultimate message. But the message must not inhibit the flow of the story. Trust me, it is a unique balance to strike.

Me standing beneath Looking Glass Falls

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