Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Decent into Madness: Origins of Parallel Earth

When and where did it all begin? When did I actually begin down this path of unknown revelation and fortune? I could say from birth, I guess. But, if I were to sum it up to a moment, I would have to say it was back in 1997 when I turned 21. This is an important age for anyone with any common sense and hope to achieve something worthwhile. I mean, it's the halfway point to thirty, when we're all old right? Or so we think when we are young and naive.

I did not want to live a life empty of reward or challenge. Ever since I was young I have experienced a sense that I was born to achieve great things with my life. Of coarse, by the time I was 24, nothing amazing was even beginning to take shape. Or so I hadn't noticed. But, behind it all, behind the experience of my life, I was slowly gathering all of the information that would lead me to where I am today, sitting in front of this computer screen to tell all the world, or at least those who will listen, how we have come to such a terminal state of being. 

This brings me back to my emotions of that time. I was angry at the world. Why? I didn't fit in. Still don't. I was an outcast awaiting to be received into some other time, some other place, where my life could mean something. Was I crazy. Or was it only the world I lived in? I had to find out.

After many hikes in the woods of Western North Carolina, I found solace in the mountainous depths of my home. I walked among the waterfalls. I swam in the Mountain Streams. I pushed myself hard, physically and mentally, always trying to attain a new perspective of this world, this Earth. Still, I knew I had to emerge from this magical place, the bosom of nature, only to find my faculties assailed with all of the rhetoric that comes with this age.

Every time I exited Pisgah National Forest I found myself at a modern-day crossroads of convenience (Or so they lead us to believe). Every corner was populated with Strip-malls, convenience-stores, and large chain-retailers. I was soon remind of what lay ahead. Every time I emerged from this solace of the lush green woods, I felt the stress of my return. And then I wondered, "What's wrong with me? Why do I feel this way?" But as my journey continued, I couldn't help bust ask myself, "How has it come to this? What created his monster we all live with?" I had no answers. I needed them.

Believing I was going out-of-my-mind, that I was physiologically unstable, I recalled my reading of Dante's Inferno. There it was, my answer. I had to embrace the hell I was feeling. I had to engage, not cast away, my feelings of strife in order to understand the root of my conflicted emotions. So I did.

One sunny afternoon, I sat in in front of our donated computer, and with a blank computer screen before me, I began to write. I had no idea what was going to happen. I do know one thing though, I had absolutely no plan for where I would go or what I would experience along the way. I had a concept. Knowing I had to uncover the dark feelings buried deep inside me, I  decided that my journey had to be into my own subconscious in effort to understand the root energies of my feelings. The book was to be called, "The Seven Levels of a Madman's Mind."

This book was to become my account of speaking to, and engaging the deeper energies of my soul, my own mythological Archetypes. I always feared that deep down within me resided daemons just waiting to swim up from the depths of my subconscious to devour me. Now,  I know they exist.  What became even more strange is that these energies, these experiences, took me by the hand and led me down paths of wisdom I had never conceived upon in my waking realm, within this world. The very energies within me were beginning to inform me of who I was,  based out of my experience to the world in which I lived. 

Eventually I gave each of the experiences a name. And so they became the symbols for specific intentions and emotions. The process was long and arduous. Opening ones soul to the energies hiding deep down is a very frightening task. But once the door is opened, there was not shutting it. Looking back over my life, I recalled many of my most vivid dreams and nightmares. I began to integrate as many of the beautiful and horrific images I had witnessed through my subconscious and wove them together into a seamless tapestry that spread out over the span of my life. I had created a quilt of nightmares and dreams, of hopes and aspirations.

As time went on, I began creating works of art that began to expand upon the early concepts. My art began to flow into the world. And the world began to flow into my art. The two became synonymous with each other; both existed as an extension of the other. The landscape grew. The characters multiplied. And the concepts deepened. So, my initial efforts to understand my own psychosis eventually blossomed into my own personal mythology, my system of belief and perspective view of the world in which we live today.

What I planned to become a decent into madness had transformed into something far more epic and elaborate in scope. The seed that was the "Seven Levels of a Madman's Minds," had transformed into the flower that I now call, "Parallel Earth."

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  1. Yes. My imagination became like a ravenous dog that kept multiplying without end.