Saturday, February 12, 2011

Industrial Degradation of the Soul

Zdzislaw Beksinski: Dystopian Master
We live in volatile times, but maybe this is a misnomer. As far back as I view history, each age suffered. No one era had ever been exempt. But today a new breed of misery endures. It is the woe we experience in the face of the adversity forced on us through the proliferation of the unseen force, the industrial beast which means to rip the souls from our bodies in effort to make us mindless pawns that serve a hypothetical reality based on numbers, profit-margins, and bottom-lines. Our new systems of belief do not emerge through spiritual revelation, rather they are incubated within the hypothetical, ideological world we strive to create for ourselves in an effort to live a better, more productive life.

Void of Consciousness
Once upon a time, we were informed of our spirit through experience--not some pre-existing, dogmatic document that inhibits one's spiritual growth. That is not to say this doesn't occur on a daily basis everyday all around us, but it is belittled by all of the flashy lights and gray noise produced by the powers that be through the ever-expanding forces of modern media. In being entertained, we are pacified. Our pacification leads us into a state of complacency, which lulls us into a state of spiritual inebriation. As apathy sets in as to what it truly means to experience life, we become confused by the many subversive messages forced upon us each and everyday. Who's doing what? What is the hottest trend, the newest gadget? You see these are all ways we are sidetracked from understanding who we are in this ever-increasingly, mechanized landscape. As a people, we can never be fully integrated into the mechanized world populating itself all around us. Why?

We are human, not machines. Although some clever programmers my design some cool software that integrates simulated human behavior into machines, I'm almost certain they will never be able to love. They will never be able to experience the divine, because we, blinded by technology, created them.

H.R. Giger: Master of Nightmare Dreamscapes
I believe this is the reason many of the stories, art, and music we experience today succumbs to dark themes of our impending dystopian future, harbingers of an undeniable fate. Alive and breathing, it is obvious that we, Humanity as a race, are heading in a horrid direction. Yes, their are glimpses of hope. Yes, we can see amazing possibility that may pave a way into a prosperous future. But I doubt it. All of the darkness that floats to the top through our deep seeded frustration by watching our souls being degraded through the impending doom forced on us by the masters of darkness -- CEO's. When we only service our soul One of Seven days, and accept what is a metaphorical document as a literal truth, we are destined to fail to see the relevance of our soul.

But our frustrations boiled to the surface because they are real. They cannot be denied. Slavery today is larger that it has ever been-- and we do it willingly. We can no longer drink the clean waters of the Earth because they have vanished due to incessant forms of pollution. The future we face is bleak. It will be horrible. And many souls will be sacrificed before the cumulative spirit of Humanity reawakens to a Mythology that genuinely places spirit before machine.

Kris Kuksi: Modern Master of Sculpture
What does this entry have to do with Parallel Earth: Advent of Evil? Everything. It is the beginning. The jumping point from which all other observations take place. Parallel Earth: Advent of Evil is that novel by which I have lived the past, and stand atop the beacon of observation and watch the daemonic clouds of wicked shadow-laden revelation flow over me with graven truths. Through our ignorance and greed, we will be made to suffer. To such a degree that it will one day brings us together amongst the veil of night we, Humanity, have created.


  1. Scott, I completely agree with everything you are saying. I was literally talking to my grandpa about this very problem. Money and machine rule in the hearts of man. We as a people, humanity, cannot sit idly by and watch ourselves decay in such a madness. It's up to people like us that stand on the outside looking in to tell the world what will become of us if we continue this self-destructive path into nothingness. The earth was once a beautiful place with flowing rivers and forests as far as the eye can see. Now it's a cesspool of industrial tyrants and buildings that spit in the face of mother earth. We must grow in numbers if anything is to be done.

  2. I appreciate your comment. I agree too :) But, from what I have read of your blog, I can see we have similar thoughts on the matter. All we can do is our best to inform those around us who will listen and become a proponent for change. The Earth is still beautiful, and I think we are perhaps the most lucky group of humans to live in some sense. We are fortunate enough to enjoy this world before it's totally spoiled. We are the onlookers to our own extinction. Not until humanity can make decisions, tuff cultural, life-changing dilemmas, and face socially improbable (By Current standards) choices, will we ever be able to return to the majesty and beauty of what was... and will be again. Thanks for your comment. Spread the word. Much thanks.

  3. Almost everything that matters on earth, money, sex, etc, really has nothing to do with the happiness and success of our souls. Everyone is in a trance of responcibilities, instead of morals. There is a difference. We let it happen because we truly believe we don't matter... what can a little guy like me do ... stir up a small protest that will be crushed, end up in jail and then my family goes hungry and homeless. For what? You always hear, if I had a million dollars I'd change the world... then they get the million dollars and buy big toys, forgetting their once desperation. Media... media. SLoth. I wish we all could wake up and stop this crazy train before it does crash. People need to remember that humantiy is beautiful and mysterious, we ourselves don't even know where we really came from, scientists can't even really agree. Instead of trying to kill humanity, we should embrace it. Too bad we will all die before we'll ever realize how precious our experince on earth really was. Grass is always greener right? The world is changing on it's own, I think it is very arrogant of humans to think we are the reason the world is changing, after all humans have been on earth how long... .and how old is the earth... and all of a sudden we are destroying it by having industry for just over a hundred years or so... hmmm doesn't add up. I'd like to meet the marketing crew of that add. Sadd. Maybe certain animals are meant to go extinct as the world has done it's entire existence, whether people admit it or not, we are a part of this world and just as precious as the animals on this planet. I'm not really sure what my point was, but your thoughts got me thinking. :) Keep posting !! :)