Saturday, February 26, 2011

Myth: Common Modern Day Misuse

Myth, the word today is used in many ways and most of them are inaccurate. I can't stand the misuse of the word Myth. I guess it's one of my pet-peeves. But the misuse of the word can only convey the wrong message, and discredits the many historical stories that exist to convey a deeper truth that cannot be conveyed through standard social means.

Today the word Myth is used in the context of saying something is not true; That is a Myth (Better interpreted as that is a Lie; that is an un-truth). Standard cliche remarks Regarding Myth go as follows:
1: It's an enduring myth that money brings happiness.
2: I don't believe the myths and legends about this forest.

If you look at the context of each of the examples you could easily replace the word Myth with Lie, and each sentence would maintain the same meaning. But Myths are not lies. They are symbolic concepts expressed through stories and art that convey the deeper nature of human experience. 

So when someone say's, "That is a Myth." They are essentially saying, "that is a lie," a falsehood.
When it comes to Myth, you cannot address any one Myth for any one reason. When we confront the concepts that appear in Myth's, we come to find that they serve a greater, over-all mythology. Therefor, we cannot talk about Myth unless we address an entire Mythology. Then, and only then, when we look at the multilayered architecture of an entire mythology can we begin to understand what any one myth addressees in relationship to all of the other myth's is exists as a part of. 

A proper analogy might go like this: If we wish to speak about our entire body, and understand the total function and purpose of all of it's parts, we cannot just focus on the hand; the hand is nothing without the entire body, and thus serves no purpose. Sever the hand from the body and it possesses no life. The same goes for Myth and Mythology. If you extract any one Myth from it's body of Mythology, it serves little purpose; but when they are whole and complete, one part working with the other, the purpose and power of the Myth flows with life again.

So to use the word... Myth... as it is so wrongly and widely used today, stands as a reflection of the ignorance of the individual or institution misusing it. Do not be fooled, Mythology is alive and well today... Most people call it Religion. The only misfortune is that there is no, "ONE" unifying mythology. Where do you think all of the religious intolerance comes from... Misinterpretation of what myth actually is and how it works. Not only do the main religious institutions of the worlds misuse it to their advantage today, so do huge conglomerate companies, both of whom are putting forth their best efforts to stop you from thinking for yourself.

For a better explanation I suggest you refer to Joseph Campbell, the Master of Mythology. Watch him explain a little below. I also located a cool one by Deepak Chopra

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