Sunday, February 6, 2011

Parallel Earth: Musical I write to.

A Dark Ambient Masterwork
I love many forms of music for all different types of reasons. My favorite is typically metal, prog-metal, old-school-metal, wicked Jazz, acid jazz, free-form Jazz. I enjoy great music scores from movies (Not Sound-Tracks) But, being a drummer, anything with a beat distracts me from the free flow of my imagination. This leads me to my most favored music for writing, Ambient, especially Dark Ambient.

I love dark themes in music. But when it comes to writing there is nothing better than Dark Ambient for me. Here's a bit of Wikipedia history: "Dark ambient is a subgenre of ambient music that features foreboding, ominous, or discordant overtones. Although it had its roots in the 1970s, Dark ambient emerged in the 1980s and 1990s with the introduction of newer, smaller, and more affordable Effects unitssynthesizer and sampling technology. Dark ambient is an unusually diverse genre, related to industrial musicnoiseethereal wave, and black metal, yet generally free from derivatives and connections to other genres or styles."

When I begin writing, Dark Ambient transports me into a place of deep inner reflection that somehow allows me to best channel the energies residing deep within myself. I look at Dark Ambient as somehow listening to the flow of my own consciousness through someone else's labors. I relate to the dark themes. They evoke the very nature of the moods and characters that come to life within the context of Parallel Earth.

Another bit of music I listen to, and has been a part of my artistic experience for years now, is Peter Gabriel's "The Last Temptation of Christ" sound track. It is dark, ethereal, a bit depressing, and somehow scrapes the ethos of my soul. I have also come to appreciate ancient Armenian folk music of the middle east. Perhaps my favorite is Djivan Gasparyan duduk player. There is so much amazing music out there that inspires. I just thought I would share a few with you. 

Haunting and Amazing

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