Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Unit 731: Brutal Genocidal Horror

Child's Vivisection: Processed While Alive
It is no surprise when we turn on the news we see worldwide atrocities displayed before us with ever increasing mannerisms of brutality and ignorance. The first updates we receive when we arrive at our preferred news sources always seem to focus on the macabre reality that has become today-- a world torn apart through religious intolerance as entire civilizations are decimated by the takeover of the All-Mighty-Machine, which seems to ever tightens it's grip on the very human souls who fostered its existence.  

Beneath the atrocities of today, exist layer after layer of hidden agenda's and cover-ups that exist to keep those wicked, heinous souls, those evil beings of little humanity in power. One of the most disturbing events of modern history, that our country, the good-oll-USA, would like to sweep under the carpet is their twisted involvement with the Genocidal murder of anyone who entered Unit 731

Beginning Documentary on what is referred to as, "The Forgotten Holocaust."

The brutal death's that unfolded in this place go beyond description of even the most twisted horrors you might imagine. Stranger still (to me at least) is how warped the minds of the scientists had to be in order to engage in such barbarity and classify their deeds as dutiful and just scientific study. I mean come on! If I shoved a knife in you, sliced you wide open, and pulled out your intestines just to see what your super-sized Mc Donald's lunch looked like, you probably wouldn't be to happy-- not even it I had a band-aid or two. Well, just so you know, they didn't get any Mic-e-dee's, they just got slaughtered all in the name of acquiring more power for those heartless Son's-a-bitches that run this wicked world. 

So, with all  of this being said, you might ask yourself, 'How on God's Green Earth does this have anything to do with some Epic Fantasy world that some Author Guy (Me) has created and shall continue to create for some unknown amount of years?' Allow me to expound on the matter...

Parallel Earth: Advent of Evil is the first Book of Seven. It is the beginning of everything all the way down to the very concepts that lead to these kinds of atrocities. When the time comes, as the reader, you will be able to witness the very birth of what evil is and how it can wreck the minds of anyone who becomes open to the concepts inherent within the voice of the practitioner of this deep wickedness. The transition is not swift. It's not all bang-boom, action packed. It's cathartic, subversive, cryptic, and flows over you with unseen magnificence. As the reader, you will experience first hand how beautiful evil can be.

In the end you may understand that you, yourself, have become an inseparable part of this evil. I don't say this to upset anyone. I only say it because it is true. I am a part of it. You are a part of it. Anyone living in this modern world is a part of this evil. They just don't realize it. The only men and women that are free from the burden live off the land free and clear as the remaining traditional indigenous cultures. Only they, who have nothing, and everything, are exempt from the equation. Not that they're not effected. They are. We all are. 

Ooops... Sorry, got off on a little tangent there. Back to what I was saying. Information to stories like Unit 731 inspire me to create the darkest most bleak future for Parallel Earth that I can imagine. It gets pretty bleak. Why? Because I know the Machine is in control. We created the system out of a series of concepts that were designed to free up our time and make life better. Didn't work out that way. The system has become larger than it's creators. We're no longer in control. It dictates to us through a blur of information some might reefer to as Share-holder-statements. What was intended to free us, now enslaves us. So you see, it is all inescapable. We must learn to live in the construct of the monster we have created. We must learn to adapt to the anti-human struggles of the machine in order to rediscover what it means to be human within the construct of a machine driven by idolatry and greed. 

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