Friday, March 11, 2011

Scott Clark Vision: Lost Love

All Copyrights Reserved: Scott Clark Vision

This image took approximately 160 hours to airbrush. This is one of my best selling and most recognizable images. I was inspired to paint this epic beauty because of I'd finally bean endowed with deep knowledge regarding the future of Parallel Earth, and I wanted to capture the essence of the moment in a painting. As with most of my paintings, I laid out a basic structure and let my imagination run wild.

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Included below is a ruff written concept of the future of the world in which this image takes place:

Awakened as if from a horrid dream, he cast his eyes downward and gazed upon his transformed body.

“What is this from that enslaves me? What has my skin been sacrificed for? What is this demon I have become? My soul... it’s all I have that even feels true. These pipes and tubes entangle me in a labyrinth of pain. A mystery to me, this twisted engineering has become my physical reality.”

Something wriggled down by his feet. He couldn't make it out. Snakes? He leaned down. The connector tubes along his back, stretching and straining, reminded him that he was connected to the fleshy walls surrounding him. He reached down his hands, now more like tentacles, to grasp the object hidden in the shadows. Clutching it tight, wiping worms away, he viewed the morbid treasure. A cracked, blood stained skull, the spine attached, lay in his grasp.

A spark of light emerged from the black recessed of the eye-sockets of the skull. The light, as if some flower growing from the darkest of soil, blossomed into angelic blue eyes.

Transfixed by this solitary vision, a luminous spirit in the depths of hell, he felt something near and dear. His heart was warmed if only for a single beat. He knew her. Two faint memories, as if from the depths of some former life, emerged.

“You were my wife. My love.”

“Your memory fails you not my lost one,” said the spirit. “They killed us. They ripped me apart. Stripped me. Raped me. Left me for dead, but they did not kill me. For I am endless as are you. They stripped me from my vestiges of flesh, but this matters not. For all of their cleansing torture and pain became my enlightenment, my freedom from flesh. Remember, your physical state is merely a reflection of your earthly existence. Fear not that I am no longer of this Earth. For I have transcended. And, above all, fear not that you have lost my love. It is to remain intact in this realm and the next. Farewell.”

“Will we speak again?”

“When you listen to your heart, when you follow your dreams, you shall always hear me.”

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  1. Hi there! I met you in orlando a few years ago and i just wanted to say how incredible your work is. I have three of your pieces and one of your drafts and I can't get over how amazing they are! I was wondering the names of two of them, however. One of them being black and white candles, the other is the lovers kissing (my favorite). Keep up the wonderful art!