Friday, April 15, 2011

Parallel Earth: Creature & Monster Creations

So what do you do when you have to create and populate an entire world? You just have to let go and allow the ideas come to you. What dictates the formation of any particular creature? Environment -- the vary same thing that determines a persons cosmology which informs their system of belief. If you believe in evolution (Also mysteriously known as CHANGE or ADAPTATION), you begin to understand the forms of any creature, of nature, of life, are the end result of years of trial and error. In art we call them Happy Accidents-- you know, like when a blob of paint winds up on the canvas in a random or haphazard fashion and it forces you to see the image anew or adapt to the situation. Think of nature in this way, there are billions, zillions of countless Happy Accidents that occur every instant of everyday, so it is with my writing, so it is with my art.

So what are we to do with Happy Accidents? Trust in them. Trust in your own intuition to make sense out of that for which there existed no previous rational for. These creatures, beasts, monsters, Daemons, must all be rooted to some form which we can relate to in this life, this reality. We can only create variations of what we have alternately experienced, not just in life, but within our Dreams. Our experience must convey the deeper message of the image we are trying to communicate through our ability to render any given being into form, be it through sculpture, paint, or Digital media.

Also, when creating these unseen beings, we must revert back to the basics of form, of what makes a living being function within int's environment. Where is it in the Web of Life. Is it at the top? The bottom? How far does it's physical form go back historically? And last but not least, what is the purpose of the creature within the construct of the story or world you have created? All of these things and more should provide a ruff bearing for how you create your new beings.

I have created many Creature's, some might call them monsters, for my world of Parallel Earth. But how do you live in an alternate world without having alternate beings? My don't. There are many more creatures that shall grace the Pages of Parallel Earth, but for now, allow me to introduce you to a few. For Copyright purposes I will not reveal the specifics of each particular creature or their part in the total scheme of things. But fortunately for me, I am an artist. I do trust my own bearing. And I'm lucky enough to possess the talent to see certain aspects of my project realized that few authors have the ability to achieve. The unfortunate thing-- I don't have as much time as I would like to flesh out every aspect of the world visually. I believe it is a great strength to understand my weaknesses, for which there are many. But I also find it an equal strength to know the limits of my ability and to trust in myself. So with this being said, enjoy the images. Most are quick (not to quick) mock-up images that helped me understand the world I was creating as well as laying down visual cues for the future of Parallel Earth.

Enjoy, thanks for checking in.

Scott Clark

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