Thursday, April 7, 2011

Parallel Earth: Life Intervenes

So it's been a while since I posted anything here at Parallel Earth Central. Why? Well... life intervened. And sometimes when life checks in, or ups the ante, it reeks havoc on my creative MOJO. Just in case you all didn't know, I have two little girls, a wife, am very busy around my community, all while trying to complete my epic, "Parallel Earth: Advent of Evil."

A Good Time to Write
Just to let you all know where I'm at on this, I'm currently on chapter 38 of 40. Yes, I'm almost done with the rewrite. If all goes well and the planets align, I should finish in the next three weeks. Wow! Amazing right? Yeah, sorta. But, I still have to finish the edit, for which I am only up to chapter 20. What does this mean? It means I probably won't complete the edit until mid-summer some time.

Odds of reaching this goal? I'm not sure. You know when it's all crappy outside, and it's cold, and the nights are long, it's very easy to stay inside and write, rewrite, edit and all of those other brilliant inspiring things. But when it's spring and it's time to garden, and you've been cooped up for damn near five months, it's really hard to stay inside and write, edit, and all other such inspiring things.

Time Passes
I'm going to do my best to stay on task while my girls are out for the summer. I know I have to get as much editing done before they get out, because I know when they do, I would much rather be outside catching fire-flies with them or taking the time to enjoy the evening with my wife outside along the creek. Of coarse gardening is always a distraction. Actually, anything outside is a distraction for me. I love being outside and working around the property; it's my form of meditation, of giving back to the land, the earth, and everyone else around me. It also helps create lasting magical memories for my two little girls (They're only little once, right?) I'll post some cool photos of the garden soon, as well as the surrounding property. I think you'll all dig it.

Glorious Spring - a Good time for Delinquency
Just to let you all know, I should be full-steam-ahead again come Sunday evening. Wish me luck. Leave a comment. Happy spring to all of you in the Northern Hemisphere, and to those of you in the south, well, I hope you're enjoying fall.

Thanks for checking in, stay inspired,

Scott Clark

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