Thursday, May 5, 2011

Parallel Earth: Momentous Occasions on Earth

The Long Dark Road of Solitude
Here I sit. A lull in my sense of accomplishment. I know that the road is much longer. I have walked a great long while down this way with few onlookers. And now I stand upon a crossroad that marks a new horizon in this long process.

I completed rewriting the novel. It took nearly a year. Come August I should be finished with the editing, which will mark the third passage through tis strange land of Parallel Earth.  One thing remains sure, the story is unrelenting and epic on all accounts. I truly believe that this story, this alternate world, will defy what anyone could have ever expected from a novel in these current times.

I don't know when your reading this post or what has led you to this little niche of cyberspace, but if you are reading this, look around you. Stop what ever you are doing? Look at yourself and ask, "What is my purpose?"

Are you happy? Alone? Sad? Are you in a crowd of strangers or among friends, or even a crowd of strangers who profess to be your friends? As you analyze your situation, your condition, are you not driven to know what the lesson is in this given moment? What is your purpose?

Next Phase of Editing
Now, I am typing this entry in hopes that it will reach you, in hopes that it will make you ask a question which may challenge your sense of accomplishment or lack-there-of. I am not yet accomplished enough. The strange thing that I have come to experience is that accomplishment can never be full, for the vision of the artist and writer becomes ever-reaching, for every new step we ascend, so another come into view and still trails off into darkened oblivion of unknowing.

So this lull goes on. And now I move ahead into the next few months of editing.

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