Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Parallel Earth: Spring Gardening

How does my garden grow? Well for now, it's looking pretty good. It's not as large as I would like, but that's ok. Aside from working out around the property, my constant effort of trying to make it a magical place, I have managed to amend my soil and get all of the seeds in the ground that I can for my allotted space.

Spring is perhaps the most magical time of year for me. It's like watching a newborn take its first breath. It's the time of year when I get to see the fruits of my labor from the previous years efforts. When the bulbs come up and the tulips blossom alongside daffodils, I know that the hostas aren't far behind.

I currently working on trying to clear out all of the invasive exotic plants from one area and re-establish native species in it's place. This is not a very easy task. It requires constant diligence on my behalf to make sure I am keeping up on the weeding (I don't use chemicals, I use my two hands and a shovel).

This spring has been a busy time for me. I've built a rock wall around the Garden area. I've created a trail that goes along the back of the property and along the creek. But the most amazing thing to me is when I get to see others enjoy the fruits of my labor. Most people don't understand how amazing a landscape can bee, and how it can free the soul, provide a place of sanctuary, and a safe habitat for wild life. These are all things I strive to create when influencing the landscape. I try to provide a open, beautiful, and welcoming sanctuary not for just people, but for wild life.

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