Sunday, December 18, 2011

Recovery: Mental and Physical.

Earlier this year, my right lung collapsed 4 times. Yes, it sucked. It started back in June and kept on collapsing for the next two mounts. I underwent a barrage of procedures. They told me, "It's fortunate you're in such good shape. If you weren't, we'd be brinin' you here in an ambulance." So, after the first chest tube procedure, and massive surgery, and another chest tube, my lung collapsed for the third time; but this time it was 100% deflated. They doctor said, "If you would have waited one more day, you probably would have gone into cardiac arrest at your house." So began the insertion of another chest tube, and the beginning of what became my last surgery--they cut out two pieces of my right lung, stapled them shut, and hoped for the best.

Well, I can assure you all, like the six million dollar man, I have not only recovered, I have returned stronger and more determined then ever. I spent most of the time in the hospital working on my manuscript. When your stuck in the hospital for over a month, or on bed-rest, it provides someone great spans of time to fill with either TV or anything else--my choice was editing my work.

That time allowed me to be where I'm at today. Finished with the novel and seeking representation by an Agent or Publisher. But in the process of searching, I realized I needed to get back to my roots. I needed to get back to the place that inspired me to write in the first place--nature.

So I have begun the process of exercising my lungs, my body and my mind. Over the last few weeks, I have hiked nearly 100 miles through the Mountains of North Carolina. I'd like to think I', kicking ass. Considering it was just six months ago that I was hospitalized, I'm pretty stoked about my recovery. Just earlier this week, I hammered out nine miles in two hours and twenty minutes. Not to bad for a guy who's recovering.

While I'm in the process of seeking representation for my work, I plan on advancing my plans of physical and mental discipline. Before the year is out, I plan to hike to the top of Cold Mountain. That will be, roughly, a sixteen mile trek round trip. I plan to go solo on this one. It will also qualify as the longest hike I have ever done solo, or the longest hike achieved in a single day. To all of you out there, wish me luck. I am back and better then ever.

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