Sunday, December 18, 2011

Searching for an Agent: Parallel Earth

So it is now that time--the time when I must begin the search for a Literary Agent. For all of you out there, know that the search has begun. If any of you out there know any Literary Agents, I look froward to pitching them my project. I am ready. It is ready.

I have created a world unlike any other. I have created my epic--the first part to what I hope becomes a seven novel series. If any agents stumble across this blog, feel free to contact me. I am ready on so many levels.

My Query Letter:

Dear Agents of the World,

I have completed my epic Dark Spiritual Fantasy, PARALLEL EARTH: "ADVENT OF EVIL," at 138,000 words. It is, "A New Mythology for a New Millennia." As we watch the world being torn apart each and every day, and we witness the cumulative soul of humanity being purged by the privileged few, Know that I have written the mythology which tells how it all began. 

Raised in the ancient tradition of the Buhman–a peaceful nature-loving people–Drakamear commits the ultimate sin and is cursed by the Earthly Gods to endure a torturous death within a horrid nightmare. Resurrected through the womb of his past lover to uncover the dark forces stirring his soul, Drakamear chooses revenge over revelation. Empowered by mystic forces, secluded, he creates the ultimate weapon—a Holy Doctrine.

Emerging from isolation as a self-proclaimed Messiah, Drakamear promises to deliver the Buhman from the harsh realities of a nature-based existence. Through his new religion, he uses his sardonic message of Love and Compassion to contort the spiritual perspective of the Buhman, and convinces many to abandon their mystic heritage. Deceived, families are ripped apart and the world hurtles into religious descent. As tensions mount, Drakamear leads his twelve disciples and their Sects in all out war against the remaining Buhman to arise as the Daemon Messiah.
Born a Minister’s son in a Christian Fundamentalist household, haunted by nightmares most of my youth, I needed resolution regarding my conflicted spiritual dilemmas. After years of creating Fantastic Realist paintings, I dove into my nightmares and art, studied world mythology, and emerged with, “PARALLEL EARTH: ADVENT OF EVIL,” the first installment of a 2300 year, seven novel series.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Scott Clark

92 Creekside Drive
Brevard, N.C. 28712

(828) 884-6574 (828) 553-8297

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